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Got my cat wondering

I'm loving the Asteria mask. Each session feels like a mini spa vacation on my couch. Just me, my mask, and my cat wondering why I've started to glow.

Never too late

My daughter convinced me to try the Asteria LED mask. At 60, I thought it wouldn't do much considering I already take good care of my skin. But I have noticed fewer wrinkles and firmer skin. I guess it's never too late to improve your skin.

Looking brighter

I've been using the Asteria mask as a remedy for my dull complexion. There's a notable increase in my skin's radiance, and it now has a revitalized, fresh appearance. Kinda hard to really see the difference in pictures but I definitely notice and that's what matters to me.


The Asteria mask has a real edge with its neck attachment feature. It's great to finally have a device that understands the importance of neck care in the overall skincare routine.

Asteria LED Mask
Rebecca S
Reduces my age spots

I've noticed a significant reduction in the appearance of my age spots since using the Asteria mask. The light therapy has evened out my skin tone and reduced hyperpigmentation.

Puffiness gone

The Asteria mask has been instrumental in reducing puffiness under my eyes with the green light. The LED therapy stimulates circulation, making my under-eye area look brighter and more refreshed.

Multitasking machine

Love using it while being able to multitask. It's light and I think it's smart that they have it in two separate devices.

Asteria LED Mask
Felicia H
Comes in handy

I'm thankful for the Asteria mask’s ability to address different skin issues simultaneously. It’s quite handy for someone with combination skin like me, offering diverse treatments in one device.

Good for managing my rosacea

The Asteria mask has been a helpful aid in managing rosacea. Regular use has reduced redness and calmed inflammation, making it an effective home therapy tool for me. While I know there is no cure, it certainly has helped!

Wife is pleased

Ended up getting this for my wife. She has been using it for several months now but it's kinda hot and creepy at the same time. I have mixed feelings but it is what it is.

Mother's day gift

I gifted the Asteria mask to my mother, who is keen on skincare. She reported noticeable improvements in her skin's firmness and texture, which thrilled her.

Pollution fighter

Living in a city with high pollution levels like NYC, I've found that the Asteria LED mask enhances my skin's resilience against these environmental stressors. My skin now appears healthier and less affected by the city's pollution.

Good so far!

The Asteria mask has been a game changer in combating my under-eye darkness. With consistent use, my under-eye area looks brighter, and signs of tiredness have noticeably reduced.

5 stars for the neck

The inclusion of a neck device with the Asteria mask is quite ingenious. It provides comprehensive skincare, ensuring my neck also gets the LED light therapy benefits

New ritual

Donning the mask feels like a ritual, a dedicated moment to unwind and care for my skin.

Multitasking Master

If multitasking was a skincare product, it'd be the Asteria mask. I can make dinner, watch my favorite show, and pamper my skin all at once!


I have noticed that my skin's elasticity has improved since I started using the Asteria mask. It seems more firm and taut, which is a significant achievement.

True acne fighter

The Asteria mask has become my ally against my monthly hormonal acne. When those pesky spots try to invade, the blue light is my knight in shining armor!

Asteria LED Mask
Catherine E

I appreciate the coverage for effective treatment.

Asteria LED Mask
Catalina H
Too goooood

All I gotta say is... I can't recommend it enough!


Using the Asteria mask has made me so popular, even my kids want to hang out with me now. They just want to take pictures of me glowing.


Look, I just wanted something simple and this is it. Helps me prevent acne and seems to do the job for anti aging.

Love that I can move around

I appreciate the Asteria mask's wireless operation. It's free from restrictive cords, giving me the flexibility to move around while wearing it.

5 stars

My wrinkles are fading. I don't have much else to say.

If you wanna glow more...

Makes for a great pre-event skincare tool. Using it while leading up to special occasions gives my skin an immediate boost of radiance, helping me to look my best.